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The 2022 Embody Dance Theatre camp will include acting games, dance warm-ups and a unique opportunity to put together a mini dance theatre production in a week’s time! Students will grow and stretch themselves as they take on specific character roles while working as a team to retell a new version of a favorite story through dancing and acting. 

*Auditions: While all are welcome to participate in the camp, those who would like to try out for a lead role are invited to audition on Thursday, June 16 4:15-5pm. 
Auditions will include cold reads and character work (no pre-prep necessary) and are required for students who desire a lead role (which includes the responsibility of showing up to the camp ready with lines memorized). Those who don’t participate in the audition are still able to fully participate in camp, however their speaking roles in the mini-production will be limited.

Exciting guest artists and instructors:

Cheri Costales - Cheri is the founder and director of elite Dance and Theatre. She has over 25 years of experience as a director, writer, choreographer and instructor, winning national awards for her work. She is a master at pulling together talent and directs several professional and original shows each year.

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Cara Sowers - Cara has trained and performed in dance, music and acting for over 25 years. She works on drama direction for both adults and children. Cara herself continues to work on TV/Film and theatre projects and has performed countless lead roles. She is passionate about sharing her creative arts knowledge with others.

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Kellen Law - Kellen is an actor, singer and creative teaching artist. She has her BFA in Acting and a Masters in Theatre Arts Education from NYU. She is currently a lead Instructional Fine Arts Specialist with Pasadena Unified amongst her many other creative endeavors! She is an amazing instructor, dancer and artist.