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Preschool Program 
Ages 3-5

Petite & Blooming Ballerinas

These pre-school levels are the heart of SMDC's Developmental Program! The Petite and Blooming Ballerinas classes encourage our youngest dancers to explore movement and dance in a creative, musical, and nurturing environment. Both levels develop formal dance class etiquette, large motor skills, and musicality. Classes are limited to 10 students each.

  • Petite Ballerinas class is our first formal year of instruction for students who are 3 and 4 years old. The goals of this class are to establish beginning classroom etiquette, broad movement, and basic musicality.

  • Blooming Ballerinas is the second year of training for students 4 to 5 years old. This class aims to build upon the larger motor skills and creative movement initiated within the Petite Ballerinas class.


These classes are 45 minutes each and are held once a week. Tuition is $78 per month.

Dress Code:

Our Petite and Blooming students are encouraged to wear ballet class appropriate attire. This includes a ballet leotard or dress with a skirt and tights and ballet shoes. Boys are encouraged to wear fitted pants, a solid color t-shirt, and ballet shoes. Hair should be out of eyes and face. 

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