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Developmental Program
Classes for any age in any style.

SMDC’s Developmental Track is designed for dancers who either want to try dance for the first time, try new styles of dance or take dance as a fun after school activity. This track offers the opportunity for advancement in each style, but no pressure to fit multiple classes into a busy schedule. There are no minimum hour requirements.

Elementary Division ages 5 - 9 

  • Pre-Primary Ballet - This class is at the heart of the developmental program and includes formal, introductory ballet technique, focuses on flexibility and musicality, and emphasizes early body positioning in an engaging and upbeat classroom. This class can be taken as a stand-alone ballet class or in combination with Jazz Funk or Totally Tap. 

  • Jazz Funk - Jazz Funk is our introduction to quick, sharp, and stylized jazz movement and technique.

  • Totally Tap is our first level of tap curriculum and focuses on basic tap technique and rhythm.

Secondary Division ages 6 +

  • Primary Ballet - This class stands as an introduction to classical ballet training as it focuses on center floor and barre technique, body alignment, repetitive movement and muscle memory, and musicality skills. 

  • Beginning Jazz focuses on sharp, quick, and stylized jazz movement and technique.

  • Prep Ballet & Jazz a Primary and Beginning Jazz class for students who are mastering early technique, show strength in flexibility and are ready for an additional challenge. Enrollment in this class is through an assessment.

  • Beginning Tap includes technical and rhythmic tap training.

  • Beginning Hip Hop  is our introduction to the Hip Hop style and focuses on larger, upbeat movement.

 Pre-Teen & Teen Division 8 +

  • Beginning Ballet - A beginning ballet foundations class for students with two or less years of ballet experience who are 10 and up.

  • Jazz 1 and Jazz 2  focus on developing a strong technical foundation, emphasizes flexibility and strength, and develops progressing rhythmic movement.

  • Tap 1 and Tap 2 classes provide training in progressing tap combinations, technique, and rhythmic footwork.

  • Hip Hop 1 and Hip Hop 2 classes include training in stylized footwork, muscle control, and movement that contains the hip hop techniques of popping, locking, and breaking.

  • Beginning Lyrical requires at least two years of ballet and/or jazz to participate

Adult Classes 

  • Adult Ballet - A beginning ballet foundations class for adults of all ages and abilities

  • Adult Tap - A beginning tap foundations class for adults of all ages and abilities

  • Adult Hip Hop - A beginning hip hop class for adults of all ages and abilities

  • Barre - An aerobic barre class for adults of all ages.

Dress Code:

Our Pre-Primary Ballet class requires a Teal Blue leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes, with their hair in a bun. Our Primary Ballet class requires a Dark Purple leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes, with their hair in a bun.  Jazz Funk, Beginning Jazz, Totally Tap and Beginning Tap students may pull athletic shorts over their leotard but must have appropriate jazz or tap shoes to change into after ballet. Hip Hop students may wear athletic clothing such as sweats, leggings, and T-shirts, as well as tennis shoes. Leotards, ballet/jazz/tap shoes are available at the studio for purchase.

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