SMDC Exposure Details

As students return to school and activities, we anticipate the possibility of more students getting sick or being exposed to Covid-19 symptoms. Should families want or need to quarantine, and therefore be unable to attend class in person, we are offering the option for students to join their class virtually via Zoom in a hybrid format. 

If your child has experienced exposure and you would like to request having your dancer attend their class virtually, please complete the Google Form. Forms must be completed at least 6 hours prior to your dancer's class. You will receive an email that your request has been received. 

To attend the class virtually, please join the SMDC Zoom Meeting Room.

Covid-19 Safety Procedures

The following is a detailed strategy of how Sierra Madre Dance Center implements regulations set by the State of California, County of Los Angeles and the CDC to resume in person dance class instruction.

Please note that this is an ever changing situation and this page will be updated as regulations change.

If you have any questions or concerns with this information please e-mail the studio directly or call our office with your concerns.  The health and well being of our students and their families is our top priority.

Below are the guidelines for Sierra Madre Dance Center to reopen for in person camps.  Classes are held in our 2100 sq ft. dance studio.  We have restructured our class format to provide smaller classes and a lower volume of individuals in the studio at one time.  This requires longer sessions of class time and bundled classes with students staying with the same group of children weekly.  Parents are also required to drop off students and return after the 1.5-3 hour after school dance camp.


Sierra Madre Dance Center will be offering in person dance camps to students who are willing to resume in-person instruction, virtual instruction will still be offered to those students who are not yet ready to re-enter the studio.  Our guidelines are following the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER OF THE HEALTH OFFICER APPENDIX K: Reopening Protocol for Day Camps Effective as of Friday, June 12, 2020.



  • Vulnerable staff are assigned work that can be done from home whenever possible. 

  • All employees (including paid staff, and volunteers; referred to collectively as “employees”) have been told not to come to work if sick, or if they are exposed to a person who has COVID-19. Employees understand to follow DPH guidance for self-isolation and quarantine, if applicable. Workplace leave policies have been reviewed and modified to ensure that employees are not penalized when they stay home due to illness. 

  • Upon being informed that one or more employees test positive for or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (case), the employee will be ordered to isolate themselves at home and require immediate self-quarantine. 

  • Employee screenings are conducted before employees may enter the workspace. Checks include a check-in concerning cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and fever or chills and if the employee has had contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. A temperature check will also be done at the worksite for staff.

  • Employees have been instructed to maintain at least a six (6) feet distance from dancers and from each other in all areas of the studio. Employees may momentarily come closer as necessary to assist children, or as otherwise necessary.




  • The number of persons in the dance camp will be limited to the number appropriate for maintaining physical distancing within each studio space (Studio A 7:1, Studio B 10:1, outside 12:1)

  • All dancers and visitors are wearing cloth face coverings at arrival and departure.

  • Arrival times and drop off-times are staggered to minimize scheduling challenges for families. 

  • There are designated routes for entry and exit.  Entrances are made at our main doors on Sierra Madre blvd and exits for pick up will take place at the rear door at the parking lot.

  • We provide tape on floors within the dance studio as physical guides to ensure that camp staff and dancers remain at least 6 feet apart at other times.  Dancers are then required to stay within those boxes during the duration of class.


  • All dancers are required to wear a mask that cover the nose and mouth while on the premises, which includes in the classroom, hallways and bathrooms.

  • Employees are offered face covering that covers the nose and mouth. The covering is to be worn by the employee at all times during the workday when in contact or likely to come into contact with others. 

  • Employees are instructed to wash or replace their face coverings daily.

  • All dancers and staff are required to wear cloth face coverings while at camp.  The only time masks may be removed is during water breaks when dancers are physically distanced.



  • Dancers should remain in the same space and groups during their camp session.

  • Dancer and staff groupings will remain consistent through the camp session, ex: there will be no “make-up” classes where new students attend that class.

  • The dance studio floors have been marked off with tape.  Each student will have a 6 foot box to stand inside and do all of their dancing.   

  • No dancers will come within 6 feet of each other while in the dance studio.

  • Dancers must have shoes on their feet at all times.  No bare feet allowed.  

  • If dance shoes are not owned, dancers may wear socks.

  • There will be no use of shared dance props like scarves, hoops, etc.



  • We will ensure adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, tissues, no-touch trash cans and hand sanitizers with at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol for staff and those dancers who can safely use hand sanitizer.

  • Dancers and staff will be instructed to use hand sanitizer at the beginning of class and wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap, rubbing thoroughly after application, and use paper towels (or single use cloth towels) to dry hands thoroughly at the end of class.

  • Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, sink handles, bathroom surfaces, tables as well as surfaces in transportation vehicles will be cleaned at least daily and more frequently throughout the day if possible.

  • We will limit sharing of objects and equipment, such as props, workout equipment and ballet barres and disinfect between uses.

  • The lobby area will be closed and parents/guardians will not be allowed to stay during camp time.


  • We will conduct visual wellness checks on all dancers upon arrival; this will include taking dancers’ temperatures at the beginning of each day with a no touch thermometer. 

  • We will exclude any child, parent, caregiver or staff showing symptoms of COVID-19. 



  • Identify an isolation room or area to separate anyone who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19. (fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea)

  • Advise sick staff members and campers not to return until they have met CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation, including 24 hours with no fever, symptoms have improved and 10 days since symptoms first appeared.

  • In the event that 3 or more positive COVID-19 cases are identified, notify local health officials, staff, and all families immediately while maintaining confidentiality as required by state and federal laws.